Director and Principal of Accelerate Property Group , Matthew Purdy, speaks about how his clients are benefiting from his team’s use of iStaging’s virtual tour technology.


imagesMatthew Purdy, Director & Principal of Accelerate Property Group


Accelerate Property Group is a boutique agency based in Brisbane Australia that has been setup in a way that all their clients, no matter how big or small, are treated with respect and given the personalised services they all deserve from any property expert. They see you as part of their family.

The Industry

Covid-19 did something that never before was thought possible. It pushed every business in the world to make a complete 180-degree strategic shift to stay relevant – all at the same time. This is a phenomenon that we can refer to as an existential flex. Every business suddenly needed to become a digital business and one of the industries that was extremely heavily affected by the pandemic was real estate. For the longest time, physical visits or inspections were no longer a possibility. And that’s where virtual tours came in.

Early Adopter

For the early adopters of virtual tour technology, this shift was less of a shock. Accelerate Property Group was one of the early adopters of virtual tours. They started with iStaging’s virtual tour platform before anyone had even ever heard of Covid-19. ‘’We always try to be a leader in our industry & at the forefront of innovation. Offering virtual tours for all our properties was an easy progression. Covid expedited this as we were unable to offer physical inspections due to lockdowns’’, Matthew said.

Why iStaging

With real estate being a highly competitive and fast-paced industry, new technologies require two things: (1) It needs to be easy-to-use and (2) It needs to be fast. Now, these are usually pre-requisites for any technology in an industry, but in real estate, it literally reduces costs and drives sales. This is what led Director Purdy to iStaging. He mentions, ‘’iStaging’s great user experience and easy-to-use interface are what made us choose iStaging in the first place and it’s why we are still with them today. We are now using iStaging for all our properties for sale & lease.’’


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What They Say

‘‘We’ve got many interstate and international clients and they have benefited significantly from the virtual tours we’ve created. The fact that they are able to properly visualize these properties without physically being there is a huge plus. They are able to secure our properties before even arriving in the city based on the virtual tour.’’

‘‘I think Covid-19 has pushed the use of technology forward a lot quicker than originally planned. iStaging’s platform has allowed us to make that digital transition more smoothly. We cannot fault them to date! A lot of businesses have to adapt very quickly to a changing landscape. Technology, & in particular virtual tours, have definitely assisted in this.

Virtual tours for Australian real estate agents

Creating a virtual tour for your property, hosting virtual open houses and auctions and managing properties couldn’t be easier. Becoming more technologically resilient will set you apart from competitors, help you to gain the seller and buyer’s trust and seal the deal faster.

Want to give virtual tours a try? Get started with just AUD$7, choose your capturing equipment and let’s work together to make you the next virtual tour superstar!

iStaging is fully compatible with and in Australia. iStaging’s virtual tours and real estate tools are trusted by Ray White, Harcourts, Bayleys and Tall Poppy real estate agents in New Zealand and Australia.